Why do we need sponsors? Simply put, a major reunion bash does not come free. Yes, we sell tickets, but that only covers the cost of catering, facilities use, and incidentals. To date we have spent over $1,000.00 in venue rental, website, and printing and mailing information about our big FIVE-0 reunion and cruise.  We have less than six months more work to go in hiring a DJ, photographer, videographer, and getting the word out. In the past we have depended on the generosity of our classmates.  They were generous for those reunions, but for the most part went without recognition. This year we still need contributions and with our website we will be able to recognize those who are willing to sponsor our reunion.

Sponsor contributions go to pay for: printing, and mailings, website, decorations, DJ, party favors, photography, videos, and helping some of classmates afford to attend.

If you have any questions, or want your contribution to a specific expense, please click on the "Contact Us" and let us know your specific question or request.  Thanks.