February Class Breakfast

Location: Joker Marchant Stadium (Citrus Center Kiwanis Club Pancake Festival)

Date/Time: Saturday, February 8th at 8:30am 

1. Meet at the front where tickets are sold.
          2. Recommend wear an orange LHS T-shirt if you have one or any orange/black                shirt will do so we can all quickly recognize and locate our classmates.


Class of 66 Person of the Quarter

                Amy (Brookover) Lees

Ever wonder who shops for all those birthday cards? Who addresses and stamps them? How to they get signed by so many classmates and mailed on time? Well the answer is Amy Haar. Amy has been a member of the class reunion committee since it formed back in 1975 for the first reunion. About ten years ago she took on the task of buying, addressing, getting the birthday cards signed and mailed. As the class database of names with addresses has grown this task has grown as well. When asked about the job she replied "I love to send cards for several reasons:
1. They are PAPER, which I love.
2. You write on them with pen and ink.
3. You place pretty stamps on them, then a trip to the post office to mail--FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
It's NOT typing at a computer screen and hitting the Send-Button--how boring!!  Furthermore the recipients seem to appreciate and enjoy them immensel--usually don't get the same response on email." 

Amy never misses a class breakfast or lunch and always has a bag full of birthday cards to pass around for signing. Which explains the occasional egg yolk or BBQ sauce on an envelope or card. Sometimes, we get a thank you note back from a totally surprised classmate for receiving a birthday card with so many signatures. IT'S ALL THANKS TO AMY'S DILIGENT EFFORTS.
Amy has worked at Lakeland Police Department since 1974 as an Administrative Assistant to four Police Chiefs over a 21 year period and has been their Court Liason for the past 22 years.  She has one terrific daughter, Lauren, whom she is very proud of. There is never a dull moment around Amy as she always has a hilarous story to tell about "Being Amy!"

On behalf of all your classmates - Thanks Amy for all the time and effort you put into this task every month.

Purchase a 50th Reunion DVD set

The cost is $10.00 per DVD set which includes postage. Make check payable to Sherry Russell and mail to:
Sherry Russell
403 Oak Trail
Lakeland, FL  33813

Be sure to include you mailing address or circle the address on the check if that's where you would like it sent.

Lakeland High School Class of 1966 Website!

The Class of 66 Reunion Committee is proud to announce our website's first anniversary is June 1, 2016. Currently we have had over 5000 hits.  However, very few classmates have filled in their profile, so please do so.  It's prime mission is to provide information, classmates contacts, event information photographs, historical and current, and support for our next reunion or birthday party. 
Additionally, we have set up a Sponsors Page for those who would like to contibute to the reunion expenses.  Your contribution at any level will be recognized on our website and at reunions. So please contribute if you can.
Our website has other applications as well:
  • Keep the reunion committee advised of your address, email, or phone number changes
  • Post current photos and interesting past photos from classmates
  • Sadly - Advise on those classamtes who have passed on
  • Help locate classmates that are missing on our tracking list.  We'll take any lead and run with it. A phone number, email, last address you knew where they were. So take a minute to look at "Lost and Found" to see if you know where these classmate are.
So please take a few minutes to fill in your profile and add a current photoYour address, email, and phone remain confidential with select reunion committee members.  They are not given out in this website, to other classmates or any third parties.