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Road to LHS Class of 66 - Album 1

Photos mostly from the 50's and 60's about our trip to becoming LHS Class of 66. Includes some Lakeland historical photos as well.
Lodwick Airfield, Cadet Graduation (circa 1943-45)

Road to LHS Class of 66 - Album 2

More photos mostly from the 50's and 60's about our trip to becoming LHS Class of 66. Includes some Lakeland historical photos as well.

1960s Memory Lane

Post various photos of life as we knew it in the 60s.

1966 Photos

Please post your oldie, but goldie personal pictures and messages here.

Between 1966 and Now

Post your dated or undated photos from the time we graduated until now. 

Lakeland High School

Have some great old photos of the bricks, lockers, or walkways.  Maybe some hallways, labs, classroom, gym, driver's Ed, or track area shots.  Please post them here.
Class lunch - August 8, 2015.  20 Attendees. Please join the fun over food events each month.  See "News Feeds"

2015-2016 Photos

This album is for current photos.
Class Lunch 9-10-2016 Carrabas Plant City

Class Breakfasts & Lunches

Some of these are undated.  If you were and attendee and and know the date/location please send it to pdewinter@aeatechnology.com. Thank you. 

25th Reunion Photos

Photos from our 25th reunion. Reception at Dean Boring's home and party at old Lakeland Civic Center.

Have any photos to add, please do so.

35th Reunion Photos

Post 35th Reunion Photos here.  

Check out the cheerleaders and the Medulla Gang in this album

45th Reunion Photos

Post 45th reunion photos here.

50th Reunion Photos - Album 1

The 50th reunion was such a huge success with over 150 attendees (classmates and spouses). Since there are so many photos, this reunion's photos will be in multiple numbered albums.  Each attending classmate will get the complete photo collection and a video on DVDs being mailed soon.

If you were unable to attend due to health or other reasons we look forward to you coming to our next event.  In the meantime please enjoy these photos of your classmates.

There are no photos in this album.

50th Reunion Attendees

Not all attendees posed for these photos. It was optional


70th Birthday Party - Part 1

On turning the BIG 7 - 0!

Off to Savannah! (After the party's over....)

Off to catch the train to take us to Savannah........