Being a mobile society, some of our classmates have faded out of reach over time.  The reunion committee has conducted extensive repeated searches for many of our classmates with great success. However, some searches were without success.  If you know the location or are in communications with a classmate on this list, please have them contact us.  Or if it's OK with them, you can be a classmates search hero and pass their contact information on to us. Click on "Contact Us" and let the Reunion Coordinator, Sherry Russell, know how to contact the lost classmate.  Thank you.

Yolanda C. (Adams) Elliot FOUND
Pamela (Addis) Wells FOUND
Sharon (Allman) Composky FOUND
Judy (Barbee) Grimes FOUND
Joe P. Barber FOUND
Diana (Bechtol) Mason FOUND
Deloris Bell
Gerald D. Bell
Elizabeth S.(Blaine) Lowes - NEW ENTRY FOUND
E. Annette Brown
Betty A. Bryant
Dorothea B. Bryant
Linda K. (Cargill) Anderson FOUND
Gladys Caswell (Yawn) FOUND
Charles Caudle FOUND
Francis J. (Clark) Molina - NEW ENTRY
Timothy Clary FOUND
Galinda Gail (Clayton) Perkins NEW ENTRY FOUND
Wesley E. Combee FOUND
R. Eugene Composky FOUND
F. Virgil Cranor
Gwendolyn L. Deal
Larry Wayne Deeds
Judy A. Durrick
Martha L. Dyess
John R. Fasbener Deceased
Pamela M. Fewox
Bruce E. Fisher Deceased
Mary Helen Foster
Julia Jane Fowler
Jerral R. French
Chris Fudge - NEW ENTRY
Charles Goodner
Diana L. Green
Martha Gregson
Barbara R. (Hall) Scanlon FOUND
Sharon E. (Hall) Snead Deceased
Dianna L. Hanes
John B. Harrison - Deceased
Susan E. Harmon
Bruce A. Hartwig
Nicolynn S. Hayman
William G. Hemstreet FOUND
Frances Hewitt
Donna (High) Kolpack FOUND
Dorothy L. (Hillman) Hralcka
Barbara (Hopke) Wilkes
Bruce C. Hylton Deceased
Janice F. (Jackson) Gilcrest - NEW ENTRY
Pearl W. Jefferson
Bruce J. Jones FOUND
Horace Jones 
Kathleen A. (Jorn) Marlatt
Gwendolyn (Keen) Black - NEW ENTRY
Jacky R. Kennedy
William N. Kennedy FOUND
Karen Kraft
Ron E. Lawing - NEW ENTRY
William Lee
Nancy E. (Lesnett) Bradshaw
Donald H. Lewis FOUND
Michael A. Lowery Deceased
Susan I. Luetch FOUND
Harry C. McCollum III
Glenda Carole McCraney
Linda A. (McDermott) Tucker
Betty Jean Messer
Yvonne A. (Metcalf) Washburn
Jonathon M. Middents FOUND
Ferrel Miller
Thomas F. Miller
James H. Morse
Carl T. Murphy Deceased
Donna C. (Noel) High Kolpac FOUND
Ralph Dennis Nolen FOUND
Terrill Northington
Kermit C. O'Steen - NEW ENTRY FOUND
Barbara J. (Peacock) Jackson
Jane Peddy
Richard B. Perry Deceased
Dorothy Lou (Phelps) Baisden
Frank Kevin Pierce Deceased
Wanda Jeanne (Pitts) Fielding - FOUND
Glenn Plumlee
Terry F. (Powell)  Rozier FOUND
J.K. Raulerson
John L. Reed
John D. Rhodes FOUND
Shirley Rigsby
Donald P. Ritch
John E. Ritch
Janice M. Roberts
James M. Runnels Deceased
James H. Russ
James Lamar Rutland
Dale L. Schackelford
L. Russell Shuman Jr. FOUND
Diann Sisk
Hillary Smith
Marilyn J. Smith
Robert A. Smith
Ray Daril Smith
Gary N. Sowards Deceased
Linda S. Stanley
George B. Stewart
Mary E. (Stone) Kellin Deceased
William W. Strickland
Richard E. Struchko
Donald W. Stutsman
Tony Sweat
Linda C. (Taylor) Sandall
N. Lanae Thompson
Delton E. Tillery
Vicky L. Todd
Judy L. Trammel Deceased
R. Lee Tumey FOUND
Nancy E. Wade
Patricia A. (Walker) Wade
Annetta M. (Walter) Barton - NEW ENTRY FOUND
Joe M. Ward
M. Diane (Watson) Herring FOUND
Linda W. Watson
James A. Whitaker - NEW ENTRY
Carol (White) Marshall
Allen Whitten
William R. Wilson
Wendy B. Witmer FOUND
Terry D. Wood
H. Creigh Yarbrough FOUND
Charles Yoder - NEW ENTRY FOUND
John R. Young (liles)