Below are a list of questions and their answers. If you have a question please see if we already have the answer by scolling through this page.  If you don't see an answer to your specific question, please click on "Contact Us" and email or call the appropriate reunion coordinator.
1. I can't find mine or a specific classmate's profile on this page?
If you can NOT find your profile with picture, blank photo, or Junior year photo use the following instructions:
1)  Go to "Classmates" and then click on "Add My Profile" button just below the instructions. 
2)  Fill in the data requested and upload a Then and/or Now photo.  It will not appear immediately as new entries are vetted for authenticity and accuracy.  It should appear in 24-72 hours or contact the Website Coordinator.
2. A classmate I'm looking for does not appear when I use the Search?
First be sure you have the correct spelling of the name.  Another option is to click on the "Sort By" box to change the sort order to different name options (i.e. if you are not sure how to spell the Last Name or Married Name, change order to First Name, then use the seach box again. 
3. Why does the Classmates Page only show our Name at Graduation?
Although the reunion committee has a list of married names, the mass upload process only permitted first and last names.  Please locate your profile and click on the word "Here" at "Is this you. Fill in your profile here." You will then recieve a form to fill in as you desire to show your married name, middle initial, add Jr. or other name changes.
4. My Classmates photo is a junior year photo or blank. How can I fix that?
The 1966 Highlander Year Book contained only 512 senior photos, but the graduating class was 605 at best count.  We gleaned 32 photos from the 1965 Year Book, used blanks for most and a memorial "No Available Photo for the classmates we have lost.  To replace the blank or junior year photo, find your profile and click on "Is this you? Fill in profile here."  This will open a new page to edit your profile.  At the bottom you can upload a new Then photo and add a Now photo.
5. How do I add a Now picture to my profile?
First, click on "Is this you? Fill in profile here"  A data entry form will open. Required data includes a User Name and Password so only you can return to modify your profile. At the bottom of the form are options to upload Then and Now pictures.  If your class picture appears, that is the Then photo, so you only need to upload a Now photo.
6. My photo or blank and name appear in Classmates, but there is no "Is this you? Fill in your profile here" with my name? 
If you have not logged into your profile, then someone else has.  It is likely the website coordinator to make a spelling or other upload correction. Do the following steps:
  1. Read these steps, then scroll down and click on "Website Coordinator" at the bottom of this answer to send them an email
  2. Include your identification info; graduation name, married name, email, address, phone, etc.
  3. Explain that you have never logged in by clicking on "....Fill in your profile here" and it does not appear with your profile.
  4. You will get an email response with a User Name and Password to get into your profile.  You can then reset those to ones you desire.
  5. NOTE: The Website Coordinator is not a robot. They are one of your classmates. Please give them 24-72 hours to vet your information and reply. Thank you for your patience.
7. Why are there two tours of LHS/Harrison campus?  Do we go both days to see them?
You only need to attend one of the two tours to have the complete tour of both LHS and Harrison.  We are offering this tour twice as classmates arriving Friday may miss that one and classmates playing golf on Saturday have the option to attend the Friday tour.
8. If I pay for attending an event, do also have to RSVP?
No.  If you pay for an event your name will automatically appear on the "Who's Coming" page as paid. Just use the RSVP to indicate you are planning to attend and will pay later. 
9. The "Guest Photos Page" does not have a option for adding a title to the photo.  How can I say who we are on the photo?
First choose the photo you wish to upload and open it in "Paint" on you PC.  There is an option to add text to the photo. Open a text box at the very top or bottom and type in your name or other info. Then save the photo with a new name as a JPEG file.  Upload that photo to the "Guest Photos Page."
10. I have photo(s) of a deceased classmate. Can they be posted?
Yes.  There are two ways:
  • Post them with your tribute. 
  1. Go to "Memorials" page and locate the deceased classmate's entry
  2. Click on "Add a Tribute to ..."
  3. In the Tribute edit page, below your name is a box to enter a photo file (JPG) to appear with your tribute.
  • Classmates Then photos.  If you have a good cira 1966 picture please attach it to an email (do NOT insert in the email) and send it to the Web Site Coordinator listed in "Contacts."  Please provide your complete name and contact information for the coordinator to get back in touch with you. The Now photo space on the Classmates page is only used for the wreath.  Thank you.
11. Is the "Send (name) a message" button in my Classmate profile secure?
While nothing on the web is 100% secure from expert hackers, this method is the best way to keep your email address private.  It does NOT reveal your email address to the person pressing the button and sending you an email.  However, you get to see their email address and screen the person sending.  If it's a friend you can reply directly to them.  If not, you can delete it or file it in junk mail so repeat sends from this email address go directly to junk.